Studio J

I  LOVE Studio J digital scrapbooking!
You don't need any special skills, just click and drag!

You can visit it yourself on my web site at STUDIO J!

Here is a sample layout that I created in minutes!

Reasons I love Studio J:

 I can easily make duplicates of my layouts.  I have two albums I am creating for grandparents and when I have a layout that includes them I make two copies - one for my album and one for theirs!  This also works well for my children's albums.  Sometimes their are pages I want us both to have!

I can create layouts in minutes!  I have been known to travel with my laptop, and after a family event, I sit and knock out the layout!  DONE!

I can ship a layout directly to a friend.  Here is a layout of friends who came to visit us.  We had not seen them for ages and it was a terrific reunion.  I know she is a scrapbooker, so I created a layout after they left.  I had a copy done for us, and I had a second copy shipped to her house as a surprise.  It was extra special since it also happened to be her daughter's 17th birthday! 

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