Thursday, August 14, 2008


More Sale Items Now Available!
Didn’t get everything you wanted? You’re in luck! Beginning Tuesday, August 19, at 9 a.m. (MT), a selection of additional items will be available at tremendous savings. Email me for the list of goodies!! or CLICK HERE!

  • During shopping and checkout, click each button only once. It may take some time to process your request, but clicking multiple times creates order problems and will not speed the transaction.
  • Turning off the picture option will increase the speed of entering orders.
  • Check out as quickly as possible. Simply putting an item into your shopping cart does not reserve your purchase, and items are not confirmed as sold until checkout is finalized.
  • Because of anticipated heavy demand in the initial hours of the sale, our credit card processor has advised us that transactions may be very slow. In some cases, users may even see a “miscellaneous error” after hitting submit. If this error occurs, it is due to excessive volume and will require you to exit and restart the order.

New PBS Episodes Now Showing on CTMH TV
Two new PBS episodes of Paint, Paper, and Crafts will be available for viewing on CTMH TV this week. They are titled “Using Ribbon” and “True Fit™ Folio Mini Album,” and each runs between six and eight minutes. To see these segments, visit my web site:

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