Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bouquet for You!

Thanks for following my blog! As a tolken of my appreciation I want to send the first 15 stampers a free 1x1 stamp image! Just place your comment below and I will contact you for your address. Spring is coming....eventually! Stem is not included =)
As a reminder, I offer scrapbooking clubs as well as a monthly stamp club!
Love to have you join us!


Marostica said...

Wow, am I really the first? The irony is that I have always loved these darn little 1x1 stamps, and have even looked on the website for these, but could never find them. Happy spring!

Denise....the Glitter Queen said...

And I'm the second!!
I just looked at those stamps and realized that I had not done a thing with them. Now I know what I'm going to do!!

Thanks so much for the inspirations

Takisha said...

Oh wow, what a great idea! Consider this lifted! I have been away from scrapping for almost a month because of the move but when I get back at it you can bet I'll be doing this.
Hope all is well with ya!

Jane ... said...

What a clever & cute idea! You've inspired me. :D If you don't mind, I'll lift your idea for a spring workshop. I enjoy your blog & TIA!

kate said...

Hey Beth! Have I seen that pot before? Hee hee... You are a great blogger, and I love all of your ideas! I can't wait for the real spring flowers to pop up! Hope you are doing well!

Debby C. said...

Good Morning! I thought for sure I'd be 16th...but am I really 6th?
Have a great day!!

havenspa said...

Beth - Thanks for sharing your many talents with us! I LOVE all your ideas and spending time with your scrap club! Colleen

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